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ANP-650 Adult-Gerontology Acute Care:

The course Adult-Gerontology Acute Care mainly concentrates on evidence-based research and theory associated to the adult-gerontological patients experiencing acute illnesses all along with comorbidities. Under this course, the students synthesize data from a diversity of health resources assopciated to the adult-gerontological patient care. Students, as well examine general problems observed in the acute care setting to build up prioritize differential diagnoses, making clinical judgments, and propose apt treatments for acute modifications in health with special focus on the soothing care. The Clinical practice gives students the prospect to improve their clinical decision-making competncies in advanced health assessment, procedural skill possession, clinical analysis, and care management of acute and chronically ill adult-gerontological patients. Practicum experiences focuses on the physiological and psychosocial impact of critical and acute illness on community, family, and patients.

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