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What does it means of APA Referencing Style? How APA referencing is used?

The full form of APA is American Psychological Association, this is the specific writing citation style that is followed by almost every universities. It has some set of rules and guidelines that must be followed in this style.

APA Citing

This referencing style is followed by so many scholars and writers; there are so many other styles also such as MLA, Howard, and Chicago etc. APA is most popular among these entire one. It has the standard format by which a reader is able to understand the sources and fundamental.

How it looks

 There are two types of citations:

a.      In Text Citations

b.      Reference Citations

In Text Citations:

These citations are constructed for adding a direct quote or paraphrasing.

References Citations:

These citations are constructed in the reference list at the end of the assignment and it includes full details of above In Text Citations.

In Text Citations (Writing Format)

When a writer is using in text citations for direct quote or paraphrasing it has the following format.

(Composer's last name, Year, page number)

For Example:

(Hill, Jones, & Schilling, 2014. Page no 144).


Reference Citations (Writing Format)

When the writer is using referencing citations it all includes for whole of the assignment as well as for in text citation, it has following format.

The last and first name starts with Capital alphabet 

(Composer's last name, First name initials, Year, Book Name or website name)


Bettis, R. A., Gamrdella, A., Helfat, C., & Mchell, W. (2015). Qualitative empirical research in strategic management. Strategic Management Journal36(5), 637-639

New Wrld Punx. (2014, February 15). A state of trace 650 [Audio file]. Retrieved from http://sou punx/asot6utrecht

There are different sources in which APA referencing is used

Print Books

Letter must be capital of first word and subtitle and for proper noun. Full title of book must be in italics.

(Composer's Last name, Year, Title of book. Location of publisher: Publisher ).


Finey, J. (1970). Time and again. New York, NY: Sion and Schuter.


E-book is the digital form of reading content which can be read on laptop, desktop, I Pad, Mobile and Kindle etc.

(Composer's Last name, Year published. Title  [E-reader version].


Eggrs, D. (2008). The cirle [Kindle version]. Retrieved from


Citations for website with Composer:

(Composer's Last name, Year, Month Day published). Title of article Retrieved from URL)


Simmns, B. (2015, January 9). The tal of two Flaccos. Retrieved from

Citations for website without Composer:

Title of article. (Year, Month Date of Publication). Retrieved from URL


Teen posed as doctor at West Palm Beach hospital: Police. (2015, January 16). Retrieved from

Newspaper Article

Writer should always begin

with p (for a single page) and pp. (for multiple page), but if there are not continuation in pages use commas to separate then pp. D4, D6, D40, D49

(Composer's Last name, Year, Month Day published). Title of article. Newspaper Title, pp. xx-xx.


Roseberg, G. (1997, March 31). Electronic discovery proves an effective legal weapon. The New York Times, p. D5.


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