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Architecture is the profession of designing and constructing buildings. Architectural designs are two-dimensional drawings which are executed in the material form that is "buildings". Historical civilisations are the best examples where one can see the architectural achievements. Architecture surrounded the technologies of buildings such as construction and environmental science and examines the meanings of buildings through history.

Architecture is to design and construct the buildings and spaces we use every day, understanding the historical and environmental related issues and solving the problems by using the latest building materials, technologies and design ideas. According to the famous architect Le Corbusier, "Architecture is a learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light."

An architect is a person who will plan the buildings as per client requirements. He prepares the plans and elevations by taking the required spaces according to the necessary needs of people. Then the building materials are used for construction purpose which gives the shape and form to the building elements such as walls, roofs, floors, doors and windows. He will study the site in detail like the geographical conditions, climatic conditions, and available building materials, social and economic conditions of the client. Accordingly the design, working drawings are prepared for the construction purpose. At the time of construction, he will do the site visits and checks the building as per his design as supplied to the client for the construction purpose.


Architectural designs are not having   "fixed parameters". They are flexible. It means the responsibility of the Architect to interact with the client as per his requirements and design accordingly through the use of the design principles, to suit the required solution.

"Design is a plan for arrangements of the required spaces for the particular purpose."

A good building should satisfy the three basic principles i.e. durability, utility and beauty.

  • Durability: A building must be designed and constructed in such a way that it has to be strong which can last for years together. Many ancient buildings in Greece, Rome which is built in classical style by stone have lasted for hundreds of years.
  • Utility: Utility means it should be beneficial and serve the purpose well for the people using it.
  • Beauty: It should be aesthetic and good looking, it should be creative, rather than being applied superficially, it must be unique and recognisable. Architectural buildings are designed like sculptures, paintings on the walls etc.

Architects use the architectural design elements such as line, shape, colour, texture, contrast etc. It is the combined form of elements in the composition. By which an architect designs the building with symmetry, rhythm, contrast, the play of colours etc. Different lines are used for the building elements with varying line thickness as per the required shape of the buildings. A shape is closed form of line like rectangular, pentagonal, circular, and elliptical in two dimensional and when it takes the third dimension, it will form a space like a cube, sphere etc.

Louis Sullivan architect of skyscraper gave a theory to architectural design, "Form follows function".

The texture is the look and feel of the surface of an object; the architect creates texture in buildings by choosing certain materials. Heavy stone can be used in a building to give it a rough finish texture, whereas delicate, carved wooden materials provide a structure, with light and airy look. Colour is an element of our visual effects that are related to eyes and the mood. Architects utilises colour in the choice of materials used to construct a building to suit the surrounding spaces. These colour choices can be cool, warm or anything. Architects use the concept of light & dark as they create visual interest in a building while designing by using different shapes to create depth in the building. For instance, a band of tinted glass glazing gives the illusions of a dark space wrapping around a building. Architects choose dimensions of rooms, provide the spaces as per the requirements for the number of people who live in it. To make the buildings more interesting, architects will experiment with aesthetic qualities of space like changing the width and height of spaces through which people will move.

Architectural buildings are designed as per the climatic conditions, geographical conditions of the places. As per the climate the building materials are chosen with locally available materials. Today which is named as vernacular architecture. The natural materials were used like stone, mud, wood, tree planks etc. By using natural building materials, the building will be more sustainable without any artificial materials wastage. The materials are reused, recycled and today we have termed it as Green Architecture or sustainable architecture.

Architecture from ancient time till today has different phases as per the geographical conditions, availability of materials social life and economic conditions. The evolution of architecture was encouraged by industrial revolutionary development. The new innovative material evolution promoted architecture, and it established a new era at the beginning of the 19th century. Reinforced cement concrete material was invented which gave rise to skyscrapers and many high rise buildings.

Today everything looks possible in architecture because of the science and technology, as large spanned bridges, high rise buildings of glass facades and steel resistant to earthquakes, sustainability of buildings and many wonders of contemporary architecture are rising throughout the world.


  • Eiffel tower -Paris-324 meters height, France constructed in 1889 named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, and it was built as the entrance arch for the world expo of 1889. This tower attracts millions of visitors and tourists every year.
  • The burg al Arab-Dubai, built on an artificial island 280mts away from the coast, is the fourth tallest luxurious hotel in the world. The form of the building is in shape of the sail of a ship. Architect Tom Wright of WKK architects designs it.
  • Parthenon -Athens, Greece, is the most famous and best-preserved temple of ancient Greece had lots of influence on architecture, art and aesthetics of the western world. It was built in the 5th century, dedicated to the Goddess Athena Parthenos, the patron of Athens. It is considered as excellent examples of Classical Greek art.
  • Saint Peter's Basilica -Vatican Rome, Italy is the most famous Catholic Church in the world.
  • Sydney Opera house -one of the renowned opera house in the world.
  • Tower Bridge London-The symbol of London and a pearl of the 19th-century architecture.
  • Empire state building-It is the symbol of the city and the sky scrapper, with its 103 stories.
  • Leaning Tower Pisa-it is famous for its leaning position; it is the ionic building of the late Italian Romanesque style.
  • TajMahal, Agra, India- A Mausoleum constructed in white marble.
  • Pyramids of Egypt

Today Architecture has different specialisations such as General architecture, Urban design, heritage design, interior design, vernacular architecture, Green Architecture, landscape architecture etc. For each branch or specialisations, in-depth studies will be done so that every part of the building layouts both externally and internally can be taken care of during the design stage. Everything has to be coordinated with each discipline to achieve the desired concepts.


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