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Business Analysis is the process of measuring business performance against a given set of organisational objectives or its estimated outcomes in consideration to the stakeholders of a business. The term Business Analysis can be defined in significant ways as the tasks of a business analyst are broad as he identifies business problems and makes practical models for their solution with integration to technology.  That's why the analysis of business acts as a bridge between business problems and their solutions getting assistance from the IT personnel or technological help.

Moreover, Modern Business Analysts studies organisational goals deeply and try to provide IT solutions to the identified problems. There are various challenges before the organisations related to minimizing documentation part related to every process, stimulating sales of key products and using sources optimally. For such processes an analyst carry out market operations and collect various data and analyses them in consideration to companies objectives and generates suggestions for modifications and changes in the company operations with the help of its IT department. For carrying out these tasks a business analyst possess great qualities like analytical mind, knowledge of financial modelling, negotiating skills, etc,

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Apart from the above discussed roles of business analysts, there have other mentioned responsibilities too:-

  • Preparing various causes related to the business.
  • Identification of the market opportunities.
  • Defining new business operations.
  • Conducting risk assessments.
  • Stimulating research and development process.


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