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Cloud security and privacy refer to the general principles, procedures, methodologies, policies, controls and tools applied to ensure information cloud associated resources are well protected against unauthorised access, modification and immediate availability of such resources when needed by rightful users.


Quick and immediate availability of data, information and information resources anytime, anywhere and with different devices has necessitated the use of cloud computing, and with the evolving Cyber threats, the need to ensure the confidentiality of all these resources is of paramount importance to achieve the intended milestones.


Cloud computing can provide users with vast and efficient resources at reasonable costs. This includes software, platforms and infrastructure. With software as a service (SaaS), one can quickly get access to a variety of software, for example, Microsoft office suite over the internet; Platform As a service (PaaS) provides users with an environment to do their work such as software development, design among others; Infrastructure as a service provides the users with relevant tools to execute their work such as storage, servers and other forms of computing.

Examples of cloud computing include access to Microsoft office application through Microsoft, access to emails such as Google mail and yahoo mail, storage services such as Google Drive, Microsoft's Drop Box, social media applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook and twitter.

There are many service providers for cloud computing that fall within private and public cloud computing, and it is worth noting that there must be an internet connection for them to work. This has made it easy for people, businesses, governments and other stakeholders to quickly access cloud resources on time and as per their own convenience. This introduces a security concern, especially with those who adopt a public cloud that shares its resources with multiple customers, users and infrastructure.

Of great concern is to isolate the Cyber Security threat of unauthorised access to data and information assets for various companies hosted in the cloud. The confidentiality of such information needs to be guaranteed and hence privacy for organisations to reach their business goals. This demands a great deal of investment in Cyber Security detection and protection tools, competent and professional staff to watch and maintain the security and privacy required continually. These may include the use of login credentials for all users, good encryption systems, firewalls, antivirus and competent professionals within the entire computing domain.

When users and companies host their information in the cloud, then the cloud computing companies and all its staff are obligated by law to protect that information from both internal and external breaches and hackers. It is at this point that privacy becomes a worrying issue for everyone, from its owner, the hosting company and all involved people. However, the said protection and privacy also experience many challenges, especially the legal factor that varies from country to country and the responsible enforcement agencies.

Can we guarantee the privacy of cloud data and resources 100 per cent? My opinion is No. Despite compounded enormous efforts and legal policies available, there are still loopholes and evolving threats within the domain that leave cloud privacy vulnerable. Should we then abandon the use of cloud resources? My opinion is no. Cloud Computing has come with many significant benefits to our society without which many things would have been impossible, for example e-mail communications, social media interactions, education, easy sharing of resources, business, convenience and at a cost-effective balance for business.

This then requires that we use cloud computing and all its resources with caution, striking a balance of what to have in the cloud and what not too. It is also essential to increase investments towards the protection of cloud computing, cyber-attacks and related crimes and top notch professionals to respond to the evolving threats.

The benefits of using cloud computing far outweigh the limitations against the same, and for this reason, more needs to be done to assure the privacy of cloud data and resources for the achievement of the intended milestones to be realised. Data security and privacy are the most significant factors of concern for users; cloud computing host companies are then given the ultimate responsibility from both users and governments to invest in secure technologies for safe business continuity, economic sustainability, development and a better future for everyone. Both cloud computing companies and its customers need to remain in business, and this will require the best approach, attitude, processes and methodologies and a sound policy framework.


The future looks bright with cloud computing. We need a combined effort to ensure the privacy of our information.


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