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Custom Essay Writing Service - The Cons of the Bidding System at Mywordsolutions

Assignment Help  Custom Essay Writing Service - The Cons of the Bidding System

Custom Essay Writing Service - The Cons of the Bidding System

All custom essay writing services work in different ways, and one brand new kind of custom essay writing -  Mywordsolutions, uses a bidding system to set it apart from other custom essay writing websites.

Students who are looking to buy custom essays or essays want to be sure that they are purchasing a quality product. They want to make sure there is no reason to suspect plagiarism or anything else that might damage their grade. One of the most important factors when choosing a custom essay writing service is the writer. After all, they are the ones who will be doing the work, so it's best that the customer has the best writers to choose from to help them with their assignment. 

Writers at Mywordsolutions

At Mywordsolutions, there are hundreds of writers waiting to work on projects. Mywordsolutions writes on their website, "Ou top-experience writers are always ready to deliver only plagiarism-free, unique and exclusive papers within the deadline provided." This is great news, as it ensures that the papers are entirely unique, so customers can feel safe, knowing that their paper hasn't been recycled or plagiarized. 

Customers get to pick which writer they want to work on their assignment. When writers bid on the project, their username and statistics from the site will appear. These statistics include their work experience on the site, the awards they have earned on the site, and their overall rating. To get more information on specific writers, customers can check out their profile page on the site.Cons of the

Bidding System 

The bidding system basically works like this: writers on Mywordsolutions see job postings and bid on the projects they want to work on. For example, one writer may offer to write the paper for $10 a page, while other writers may bid more or less for the same assignment. From there, customers can see the bids and choose their writer. While this sounds pretty good, there are some minor cons with the system.


Customers want to pick the best writer, but this can become time-consuming. While some of the writer's vital information appears in the bid, customers will need to go to their profile page if they want to see more detailed information, like the writer's experience and education level. 

Picking the right writer can take a lot of time. When it comes to purchasing a custom essay, time is not on the customer's side. The closer the deadline for the paper, the more it will cost. It would be time-saving to use a website that automatically assigns projects to writers, or if the customer used the top-rated writer that bid for their project, but that can be expensive.

Experience is Pricy 

The best writers, the ones with the most experience, awards, and the best ratings, are likely to bid the highest amounts. This means the best papers are also likely to be the most expensive papers, which not every student can afford.

Students could instead choose to use cheaper bidders, but those papers are likely to be less well-written than a more expensive assignment would be. This can help with a student's budget, but it might not be the best thing for their grade.

When it comes to custom essay writing services, there are many methods websites use. While Mywordsolutions uses a bidding system, others won't. Consider these cons before using Mywordsolutions, or any other custom essay writing services that use a bidding system.

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