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A scholarly review essay follows specific steps and certain forms. Review essay is a topic that studies the writer's feelings and emotions on the most important and significant points as raised and questioned by an author in a particular literary work. A critical evaluation of the book is done as the point of view of the writer is noted and supported with proper evidence.

One can follow two important steps while reviewing an essay. One is by creating a point of the argument about the topic of the essay and secondly, finding a proper solution to it. There is always a critical analysis given by the author of the particular essay. Also, you could find expert opinions on the essay as well.


-         Firstly giving an introduction

-         Secondly, providing a short synopsis of the book

-         Thirdly a critical argument or discussion followed by some shreds of evidence

-         Finally, providing an excellent and convincing conclusion

A review essay generally doesn't throw light on any straightforward book. Mostly, books with more critical discussions and arguments are taken into consideration. Some points should always be kept in mind while you are reviewing an essay:

Some books and collections are most suitable for evaluating. If you are looking at edited collections, you can get confused because they are tricky as the contributors/writers can point upon a different material and the review will never happen on a slogging plot or upon an improper character study. If you select individual authored works, you can review without any hassle. Older books and authors look at a point differently unlike the new authors because, with a change in time, thoughts change too. It is recommended to select books not more than ten years old.

Before reviewing, study the topic thoroughly and in detail taking notes at each point. This will help you in getting into the book and understanding the author's point of view. Also, when you are reviewing, it is necessary to know the socio-economic system of that time. This will help you in placing judgements and understanding the political and social context of the book.

One should keep in mind, who is my reader. The essay you are reviewing should be apparent to the reader as well. All the sections should be maintained. Now we will discuss the segments in detail:


The introduction to a review essay generally paints the general line of discussion that an essay writer will pursue. The starting paragraph needs to be framed in such a way that the book is situated in the particular context in which it is written. Then go ahead and determine the writer's approach towards it and the central thesis. Preview your critical theory towards it. Be short & straightforward and to the point. The introduction should not be more than a page.


Keep a space for the outline of the book. Read the book properly and keep in mind every character of the book. The whole review might take 10-12 pages. Your summary should consist of 4-5 pages maximum. Always focus on the main argument and the central detailing of a character rather than paint almost every detail. This will create unnecessary content. As you discuss the critical point of the text, gradually you can elaborate and address the rest of the essential points in the text too. The summary should be clear and concise, focusing on the main characters and the main plot.

Critical discussion followed by pieces of evidence

Critical discussion means you must consider how the particular piece seeks to progress the discussion in which the author has chosen to be a part. You must point out every detail intellectually and with proper evidence. Point out the problems the author is addressing. Generally, an author will clarify the context for you as he understands himself in the intro. Just place the book in the context and begin your critical study. Let the reader know whether your evidence supports the thesis as presented by the author. The author sure will come out with alternative explanations.


While you are analysing a book, always refer to other write-ups and references. Authors relate to each other in print, and you might find more conventional ways to approach at a context, from another book as well. You can use the reference book as a conversation between the book you are studying and the book you are referring to. This will give extra mileage to your critical essay. Your point of view is always greeted, but if you follow the proper and concise paper of a scholarly argument, the essay becomes more valid.

Be clear to the reader as in who is the speaker. The speaker is a major character in your book and will help you in summarising a book. Thus the voice used in the book should be more apparent to the reader.

Just before submitting your essay review, go through the essential points and discussions. Once you check them, be sure that you have made it correct and to-the-point and have not drifted away from the primary context of the book.


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