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Human resource is a term used to refer to a group of people who work in a company or organisation and the departments in which they are responsible for managing resources related to employees. This term was earlier used in the 1960s when the need for labour relations began to create attention and when ideas such as motivation, organisational behaviour, and selection assessments began to take shape. This came as a result of providing an overlook on how both employers and the employees should relate in an organisation. When in most cases we talk about human resources, we refer to the manpower or the workforce applied in an organisation. In every organisation, there is a body that looks at the talents and human capital.  This body is referred to as human resource management. Mainly it looks at the management and the development of workers/employees by looking at working environment and Compliance to labour laws. Generally, we can say that in the human resources department, people make up the workforce of an organisation, business sector, or economy.

In human resources management, we involve various bodies in an organisation which performs different tasks. These include:

Recruitment and selection of body: This is a group of human resource professionals whose work is to send job advertisements, screen resumes, interview candidates and makes hiring recommendations to employees. They look at the qualifications of new employees who wish to join the organisation.  They look at the critical recruitment policies and procedures to ensure that the person selected meets the required minimum entry points.  In doing so, they look at the individual talents, work experience and the achievements if she/he had worked with another company or organisation.

Training and development body: The work of this group is to take the selected candidates and train them on the required roles in the organisation.  It also oversees on the results after the training of the employees with time. The professional training group makes sure that employees complete their training as required by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration and other regulatory agencies.

Health and Safety body: Health and safety group work to prevent workplace accidents and other occupational illnesses. They provide safety programs, implementing health and safety policies, and ensuring compliance with state and federal occupational safety regulations. They offer training to the employees in matters regarding their safety and health matters.

Labour and Employee Relations body: Labour relations body refers to the group that deals with the relationship between an employer and its employees. This is a group that is related to the signing of new contracts and renewal of the old ones. It is also concerned with the employee's welfare and matters arising within the organisation. The professionals involved in this group are the ones who solve employees and employers disputes which might turn to industrial strikes and go slow. They act following the law to prevent the employees from being violated or mistreated by the employer.

Risk management body: In every organisation, there must be a group of professionals who are assigned the duty of looking at the risks. Their work is to analyse the working environment and identify the potential harms that might occur to the employees. In most cases, risks identified during their process include the potential for abuse, property loss, physical injury and damage to a company's reputation.

To evaluate human resources, we have to ensure that the above bodies take their work seriously. Human resources evaluation is the duty carried out by professionals who deal with issues related to employees. In this process, the professionals undertake the following steps to evaluate the organisation of human resources. These steps are:

Assessing your performance: The human resource professionals will assess employee's performance during the year based on their job results and their behaviour. Responsible groups in providing conducive care will also be evaluated on compliance with regulatory requirements. The supervisor will assign a rating for each job result and behaviour.

Assigning employees overall performance rating: Employees overall grade will be based on their job results (one half) and their behaviour (the other half). The supervisor (professional in-charge) will combine the ratings for job results and behaviour into an overall score.

Conducting the formal performance review: The meeting gives the employees time to discuss their past performance and areas they would like to concentrate on for future growth.

To understand the human resources evaluation, it's good for one to understand the rating terms. These are terms like below expectations, exceeding and achieved expectations.  In detail, below expectations is offered when one has not hit the already set goal in the organisation.  In this case, the person will be termed as underperforming in his duties as per the set target that is the employee getting below one hundred per cent after achieving his/her goal.

When we talk about achieved expectations, we are referring to a state where an employee has satisfactorily completed the set target.  In this case, we say hitting the target by one hundred per cent.

While exceeding expectations is given when the employee has over-hitted the target, which means he or she has achieved more than one hundred per cent in his/her goals.


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