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Evaluation essays are compositions that offer value judgment about a particular subject according to the set criteria. Its primary purpose is to demonstrate the overall quality of a product or an opinion. With evaluation essays, one is able to give out an idea and defend it basing on the argument. There are several factors that one has to consider so as coming out with an excellent evaluation essay.

They include:

  • Choose a topic: For you to be able to write an evaluation essay, you ought to have a topic that best suits what you want to offer your argument on.
  • Write a thesis statement: A good thesis statement will determine the exact focus of your essay, and it will aid the reader to know what the essay is all about.
  • Determine the criteria used to assess the product: Research should be done to equip one with knowledge and the criteria used in the assessment of the product. This will help the writer to be able to base his/her knowledge using the same standards.
  • Look for supporting evidence: Every opinion/point given should be followed with a shred of supporting evidence or point. This will help the writer to be able to stand firm with his/her opinion and also enable the reader to have a clear understanding of why the writer has such ideas.
  • Draft the essay: In this step then, the writer now has to put his/her views in a particular order to allow the flow of ideas.
  • Review, revise and rewrite: This is the last step to be done to come up with a successful essay. The writer should review the drafted essay and revise it while putting in corrections and finally rewrite it.

Evaluation essays should also be a balanced argument. Since when the writer is biased, then the essay will be less convincing and the reader may fail to buy the idea of the writer. The essay should also have a conclusion that summarizes the whole of it from the introduction. For this to be achieved; then the writer should allow the flow of ideas from one to another up to the reaching of the conclusion. The writer should also be confident with what he/she is writing since a little wavering may lead the reader not to agree with the writer's ideas or views. You should also ensure that you leave your reader absolutely convinced by your evaluation and each point should have a viewpoint in justifying your thesis.


  • Enables one to voice his/her ideas: Evaluation essays provide a platform where one can speak up his/her views about the topic in question and support it through various shreds of evidence and quotes.
  • Helps to display a balanced argument: By the use of evaluation essays, the writer will not be prone to biasness as one has to argue on both sides of the topic. For example; if the subject in question is about tourism then the writer should not talk only about the benefits or disadvantages of tourism, but he/she should be able to voice their views in both the merits and demerits of tourism.
  • Helps in persuasion: Since while writing an evaluation essay one ought to provide supporting evidence that it will be easy to persuade people to follow your opinion as you can win them through the supporting points.

With the above points on evaluation essays, then I bet it will now be more comfortable for one to write an essay. Every writer is usually sensitive with his or her words thus I encourage them to share the essay with either their teacher, parent or friends so as in case of some missing marks one may learn from the feedback and correct it to make the next essay a success.

It is also important to mark that if there is a missing mark mostly in essays, then you should consult the thesis statement or the topic sentence as it is the primary guide in the writing of essays. Also as a writer, you should make sure you proofread your work before handing it over to the reader, as work with too many errors is not presentable and may not interest the reader. With that, your message may end up not being communicated. You should also ensure that each paragraph in your essay focuses on the critical fact.

With evaluation essays, you should ensure that you address all possible objections and refute them. This is because the argument gets stronger if the writer can note the objections, find workable solutions and give reasons for disproving them.

In conclusion, you should ensure that in your last paragraph you summarise the whole essay basing on the topic sentence/ thesis


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