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Expository essays is a genre of writing which tends to explain, illustrate, clarify or explicate something in a way that becomes clear for the readers. It could be an investigation, evaluation or argumentation about an idea for clarification. In order to write successful essays, you should have a clear image of what you need to explain to leave your writer with a clear and concise explanation.

With expository essays, they also go through a specific criterion to achieve its aim. There are three things that one has to consider in writing an expository essay.  They include:

  • Introduction: With the introductory part of it, one has to use some styles that will captivate the reader and draw his/her attention. With a start off you can include an exciting dilemma or ask a disputable question. From there now you can introduce all the necessary piece of information for the reader to understand. The thesis statement should also be stated in this part.
  • Thesis statement: The thesis statement plays an essential role as it presents the facts, helps the reader to understand the main ideas and also explain the aim that the writer has set.
  • Main body: The main body consists of three paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a crucial idea and supporting sentences. You should also explain why you are sure that the facts you have given, play a significant role in your essay.
  • Conclusion: This is the closing paragraph of the essay. It should give an overview, brainstorm possible solutions and also provide the necessity of the research.

With the three parts in mind then you will be able to give out a successful easy.


  • PRE-WRITING: In this phase, the writer should brainstorm on the topic and the main idea. He/she should also research and take notes. After that, the writer should arrange the points in a logical order and sequence on how they should follow each other in paragraphs.
  • DRAFTING: In this stage, the writer should focus on the topic sentence or the thesis which carries the main idea. He/she should also ensure that each of the three body paragraphs carries separate points. The concluding paragraph should reinforce the topic sentence.
  • REVISING: In this stage, the writer should modify and reorganise the work in a logic sequence.
  • EDITING: This is where the writer proofreads and corrects the essay off grammatical errors and edit it to improve style and clarity.
  • PUBLISHING: This is where the writer presents his work to the public.

With expository essays, they contain different variations. They include definition, classification, compare and contrast, cause and effect and the "how to" essays.

  • Definition essays: These types of essays explain the meaning of a word. It may be a particular subject such as trees or an abstract term such as freedom, love. With the definition essays, one has to discuss both the literal and dictionary definitions. The writer should as well examine the connotation and association that a word brings to mind. With such an explanation, then the reader will be able to get the full message of the writer.
  • Classification Essays: With these essays, they breakdown a broad subject or idea into categories. They are organised starting with the most general group and then defines and gives examples of each.
  • Compare and Contrast Essays: Compare and contrast essays describe the similarities and differences between two or more people or things. Comparison essays show how things are alike while contrast essays show how things are different.
  • Cause and Effect Essays: These essays show how things affect each other and depend on each other. It identifies a clear relationship between subject focusing as to why a thing happens (cause) and what happens after they occur (result). For instance, one may write about the cause and effect of being bitten by an Anopheles mosquito.
  • "How to" essays: They are also known as process essays. They explain a procedure or explain how to do something to instruct the reader. This type of essays offers a step to step description of how to go about different processes.

It is better to understand that while writing an expository essay it is better to show the deeper side of your chosen topic. The writer is needed to research, gather some evidence and present some point of view on the subject or argument.

The whole procedure of writing an expository essay can be summed as the POET METHOD whereby;

  • P stands for the purpose
  • stands for organisation
  • E stands for Evidence
  • T stands for thesis

By using this method one will be able to arrange his/her essay in an expository logic manner.

In conclusion, Expository Essays are majorly used to explain things.


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