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What is Harvard Referencing Style?

Harvard is a style of referencing that is used by students of many universities to cite the sources of information in their assignments. It contains details like author, date of publication, page nos. etc, and it's generally used by Australian & Gulf Universities & their students in the assignments. As we know that an essay writer should have a sound writing experience and necessary skills, it provides credibility to the authors and a fair chance to use their sources for writing any technical, management write-up tasks.  

Referencing is used for:

  • It allows the writer to find and locate the sources that are used in the essays/write-ups.
  • It assists in supporting the important points and provides credibility to your assignment.
  • Showing the scope with dimensions of the research done.
  • It provides acknowledgement to the sources of a comment. Failing to do which can result in duplicity.

There is not any definite version of Harvard style as the term "Harvard" refers to any reference style that uses Author-date format for citations.

We may come across many guides of Harvard style, each of which is distinct from others because different incorporations have adapted the basic author-date system for their own needs and retained the name Harvard. 

Why Harvard Referencing Used in University Assignments?

Harvard Referencing uses two places to cite resources in a task of writing; one is in the text and other at the end in a separate reference list. It is also the oldest style of referencing in writing your paper. One of the greatest advantages of Harvard referencing is that it is very simple to quote the resources in a paper.

Example: - A part of your essay will look like below:-

Some stakeholder's theory have their origin in this challenging world, it has been used and transferred itself into a political meaning and in the private sector (Rolland, 2006). Now based on this stakeholder's theory Rolland had unanimously suggested a definition "the one who can affect or are affected by the greatest achievements of an organisation's objectives" (1995 p.13). According to Keanu, Wane and Riddick (1984) a discussion of stakeholders may be very broad and may also include, in the commercial scenario, competitors, environmental & media activists.

Then the references list will look like this...

Rolland, D.J., 2006. Beneficiary analysis. 3rd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Riddick, D.J., 1995. Beneficiary analysis today. Royal Journal of Management, 34(7), pp.111-114.

Keanu, G. Wayne, G. and Riddick., 1984. Sustainable management.[e-book] London: Red fern Press. Available through: Angel Mikhail University Library [Accessed 12 June 2008]

In the above example, firstly there is in-text citation mentioned in the main text of any essay, you say, and then in the list below there is proper author page referencing in the authorized format of Harvard referencing.

Thus we can say that Harvard referencing is very advantageous source of providing references to your assignments which in turn provides credibility to the authors and also known by the prestigious Universities all over the world.  We too have an opportunity to cite multiple authors at the same time in writing a document in Harvard Referencing.

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