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Human Resource is the most active, competent and qualified resource of the organisation. Human Resource Management is a broad strategic approach to the effective management of people in the organisation so that the business can gain a competitive advantage. The overall purpose of Human Resource Management is to achieve success through its people or workforce. But yes, alone employees cannot meet their individual or organisational goals. Human Resource Development is one of the essential parts of HR Management which is utmost essential to achieve business goals. The major difference between HRM and HRD is that HRM looks after all the aspects of Human workforce in the company and HRD not only focuses on the development of the skills but also personal development of the individual working in the company.

Human Resource Development, popularly known as HRD, is one of the efficient frameworks of developing and improving employee's skills and organisational skills in order to enhance their performance and achieving goals.

In other simpler words, we can say, HRD states to the effective use of training and development, performance management, and career development efforts to improve individual, group and organisational effectiveness. It aims at making the employees better and efficient. The purpose of HRD is to develop the most effective and superior workforce so that the individual, organisation and customer achieve their desired goals together keeping every party motivated.


  • it's a continuous process
  • it's a well-integrated and planned process
  • HRD provides a better quality of life
  • It is concerned with Behavioural knowledge
  • It focuses on all-round development of the employees


An organisation can provide these opportunities within the organisation or outside office premises like formal training in-line with the managers or seniors, Internal Management Developments like field trips, book club, Mentoring programs, group training sessions etc.

To mention a few on the list are-

  • on the job training/ Job shadowing - learning the aspects of the job while doing the job
  • Online Education/ Textbooks/ Workbooks
  • Growth Opportunities
  • off the Job Training
  • Compliance Training

 ..... And choices are endless.

All these forms help in developing and fostering employee strengths and their ability to enhance their contribution towards the organisation.


One of the utmost essential and noteworthy significance of HRD is that it develops critical competencies that enable an individual to perform in the most effective manner and through properly planned learning activities, resulting in a sure shot success of achieving goals.

Another importance of HRD, it is designed to provide employees with the best of their skills and knowledge through the vast field of training and development, in order to adapt to their organisation's culture and environment.

Few more crucial points of significance are-

  • Full utilisation of individual potential - Helps employees to understand their strong/weak points and focus on weak points
  • High level of motivation among the employees- Motivated employees are always fruitful for the organisation
  • Nurturing an environment in the organisation- Improving employee effectiveness, better communication, and mutual cooperation among colleagues
  • Higher quality of work life- Performance will be improved at every level with the development of critical competencies
  • Competency enhancement- Vast implications of training and development for enhancing the skills

It would be incredibly helpful to understand the concept by quoting an example of one of the renowned company, Fuji Xerox. They operate Human Resource Development in their organisation through "education based system" on the type of work. For instance, business-specific professional training through the practical and hands-on curriculum is given to sales personnel. Moreover, in order to establish a strong Research & Development in their organisation, they inculcate a corporate culture of "Problem Solving". In employee level based education system, they focus on manager training in order to strengthen their subordinate's abilities to handle the work profile.  To add on, they also implement other initiates like overseas training, global skills learning programs and other practical studying programs.

Although these Human Resource development sessions provide a practical approach to the employee's overall wellness still the organisation should keep an eye on every level. We all know that learning comes in small bites which should allow them enough to participate and practice the information provided, and not just over-burdened with it. They should also get the chance to discuss their lessons or queries in the workplace at the next training sessions. Moreover, the organisation should also consider giving consistent feedback in weekly planned interactions in order to build a capable team. The organisation has to understand the dynamics of Human Resource with the change in the environment and manage accordingly and efficiently.  Further, Human resource development has now considered taking a role that not only limited to employee satisfaction but also ensuring that employees are delighted with the working conditions which motivate them to perform their jobs to the great extent. Therefore, we can even notice in the companies that there has been a significant level of interactions within the managers, employees, senior teams and directors too, ensuring high levels of job satisfaction and fulfilment. We, as an employee, also support the organisation entirely in order to achieve all the goals together.

Thus, its right to say that, in the current work scenario, Human Resource Development is exceptionally fruitful in enhancing performance administration, personal development, professional development and Organisational effectiveness. It is, indeed, the process of developing skills, knowledge, competencies and attitude of the workforce. HRD is a proactive approach used by the employers which focus on enhancing the competencies of the employee through training and development to give maximum returns to the organisation and to help them in achieving individual goals too. A good organisation not only thinks about making their success stories but also equally stresses the wellbeing of their human capital. HRD is the utmost function of Human Resource.


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