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International Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a set of organisational activities aimed at effectively managing and directing human resources/labour towards achieving corporate goals. The typical functions performed by Human Resource Managers would be of hiring, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, dismissal, managing promotions and many more.

International HRM can be explained as set of activities which aim to manage organisational human resources at the international level to achieve corporate objectives and achieve competitive advantage over competitors at national and international level. IHRM includes HRM functions like recruitment, selection, training and development, performance appraisal and dismissal done at international level and additional activities like global skills management, expatriate management and so on.

IHRM is mainly concerned about managing human resources at Multinational Companies (MNC), and it involves managing:

Home country employees- Staff belonging to home country of the business sector where the corporate headquarter is located.

Host country employees- Workers, belonging to the nation in which the subordinate offices are located.

Third country employees- These are the staff members who are neither from home country/host country nor employed at the subsidiary or corporate headquarters. As an example, an American MNC which has a subsidiary at India may engage a French person as the CEO to the secondary branch. The Frenchman hired is a third country worker.


  • Domestic HRM is performed at national level, and IHRM is done globally.
  • Domestic HRM is concerned with managing workforce belonging to one country, and International HRM is concerned with managing staff members belonging to many nations (Home country, host country and third country employees)
  • Domestic HRM is concerned with achieving a limited number of HRM activities at national level, and IHRM has involved with managing supplementary operations, for example, Expatriate Management.
  • Domestic HRM is less knotty due to little influence from the external factors. IHRM is very complex as it is affected profoundly by external factors such as cultural distance and institutional factors.

International Human Resource Management includes the organisation's work systems and its professional practices. It encompasses both individual and conjoint facets of employee management. It is not limited to any specific style or theory. It engages the energies of both line managers and specialist managers.


  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training and development
  • Human resource planning
  • Assessing the performance of staff
  • Payment and bonus system
  • Initiatives to align employee development to corporate strategies.


The scope of HRM is extensive. This is concerned with workforce planning, recruitment, selection, placement, transfer, promotion, training and development, layoff and retrenchment, remuneration, incentives, productivity etc. 


International HRM is concerned with HRM issues that cross national boundaries or are conducted in locations other than the home country headquarters.

International HRM is concerned with the relationships between the HRM activities of organisations and the foreign environments in which the organisations operate.

International HRM comprises comparative HRM studies; for example - difference in how organisations in different countries like Japan, Thailand, Austria and Switzerland plan for upgrading of employee skills and so on.


  • International HRM does not include studies that are focused on issues outside the traditional activities that are involved in the Human Resource Management functions.
    • For example, leadership style is not International HRM unless linked explicitly to an HRM function; developing a selection program to measure and select international leaders would arguably come under the field of Organisational Behaviour.
  • International HRM does not include studies of HRM activities in single countries.


  • Key positions filled by nationals of parent corporate firm;
  • Host country nationals hired to manage subsidiary in their own country;
  • Best people hired, whatever their nationality;
  • Best people hired within region in which the subsidiary operates (e.g. EU, USA);


  • Degree and type of internationalization;
  • Type of industry and markets served;
  • Characteristics of staff;
  • Cultural preferences;

With the increase in globalisation, International human resource management plays a vital role in achieving the organisation's goals. They will be more ready to move their operations into another country and effectively manage their employees to attain smooth activities of the organisations.


  • Planning. One of the primary functions where number & type of employees needed to accomplish organisational goals is determined. ...
  • Organising. ...
  • Directing. ...
  • Controlling. ...
  • Recruitment/Hiring. ...
  • Job Analysis & Design. ...
  • Performance Appraisal. ...
  • Training & Development.


To explore the field of International HRM, it is essential to understand why there is gradual increase in interest in International HRM.  IHRM is of great importance at present due to the following reasons:

In recent years we have witnessed the rapid growth of globalisation and international competition. The multinational corporations have increased in number and significance, which contribute to the growing importance of the global role of human resource management.

It has been increasingly recognised that the effectiveness of human resource management is one of the significant factors to determine the success or failure of the global trade. There is also a realisation that the quality of management in international operations seems to be more critical than in domestic services.

A growing shortage of managerial staff with international exposure and experience is becoming an increasing deficiency which affects a company's corporate efforts to expand abroad. Meanwhile, the emerging markets require managers with distinctive competence and context-specific knowledge of how to do business successfully in countries which are both culturally and economically distant. Thus, a more significant role for International HRM activities in multinational corporation firms is consigned.

The downfall in the international business sphere is often expensive both regarding to human and finance and proves to be more severe than that in domestic business. Corporate firms need to take precautions to train and compensate for human resources. This makes a full-fledged International HRM compulsory.

Human Resource strategy plays a significant role in the control and implementation in MNCs. It is not difficult to determine which approach to pursue an MNC in an internationalising atmosphere. What challenges come while implementing these strategies to be successful? Developing unique organisational cultures is of far more critical than structural innovations in any global or transnational policy. International HRM strategy becomes the crucial determinant of the implementation and success of the MNC strategy.

Some companies underestimate the complex nature of HRM problems involving in global environment. Poor management of human resource often results in business failures in international business. Expatriate performance failure or underperformance continues to be problematic for IHRM in many international corporations.


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