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International management is the management of people, processes and business operations globally or internationally. International management behavior basically entails about the actions of people who are working globally. By studying this topic, the learner acquires knowledge and skills used in international management. The learner also gets to understand the factors that influence personal behavior such as culture among others. It equips scholars with sustainable global leadership skills. It will help employees to work in different regions of the world as they shall acquire different skills concerning different languages and cultures. It helps managers to manage or set up different branches of the companies in different countries.  Factors influencing international management behavior will include changes in technology, media, political systems, investment models and transportation means. International managers are required to have more skills above their normal abilities to enable them to manage internationally.

Several forces are known to shape global leadership and management. Globalization has contributed significantly to making global leaders and managers. The issues of national security have gone global. Pollution of environment, terrorism and radicalism and other aspects has gone global too. The globalization of things like education has contributed greatly in the development of global managers and leaders due to the widespread of universal knowledge which shapes the international leadership and management. Transportation and communications also play an essential role in developing international management and leadership by connecting different regions of the earth. Transportation and communication facilitates international business operations and passing of information globally and hence supports the existence of global companies. Widespread use of ICT devices and technology has assisted in making global leaders and managers. Before the globalization of the companies human resources of the firm got globalised first to globalize the company. Managing the process of globalization is often termed as managing complexities as it involves managing the process through complex processes and standards.

The current business world has made all manager jobs global. Local managers are not equal to global leaders due to various reasons such as responsibilities and competencies. Global manager's roles and features include:

  • Working with other countries managers
  • Use of more than one language
  • Dealing with clients from other countries
  • Managing human resource of different nationalities
  • Making and managing budget worldwide
  • Managing and coping with international risks
  • Management of foreign vendors
  • Being involved in international business strategies planning
  • Negotiating with people of other countries on behalf of the business

It needs professional managers to make good global managers with a developed mindset.

Research about global leadership and management has revealed several skills and knowledge that are required by global leaders and managers which include several levels of skills such as system skills, interpersonal skills, attitudes and orientations, threshold traits, interpersonal skills and global business knowledge. Global business knowledge will include things like mode and requirements of operations. Threshold traits will consist of attributes such as humility, resilience, integrity and inquisitiveness. Attitudes and orientations will comprise of cognitive and cosmopolitanism. Interpersonal skills relate to creating and trust building, proper communication, the multicultural team making among others. Lastly, system skills include community building, lead change, making ethical decisions influencing stakeholders etc.



  • Integrity refers to strict adherence to morality and ethical principles, honesty or doing what is morally right.
  • Humility means a willingness to learn from other people not assuming that one has all the answers required.
  • Inquisitiveness is an interest in learning, questioning or being curious about other people and their cultures.
  • Resilience means being capable of having the ability to survive under unfavorable conditions or being strong and tolerant.


  • Cosmopolitanism refers to being free from local ideas.
  • Cognitive complexity means the ability to balance ambiguities and contradictions.


  • Multicultural teaming is the ability to team up even with people with different cultures.
  • Create, and building of trust is the ability of inspiring certainty even of future actions.
  • Proper communication entails speaking skillfully.


  • Building community means the ability to bring people from different cultures together.
  • Influence stakeholders will be positively affecting the stakeholders of an international organization.
  • Making ethical decisions will refer to adhering to the standards accepted and set values.

Developing a global mindset requires several skills for a global manager, and they include knowledge of self that assists ones to know themselves as individuals or in the organization. Next is knowledge about others and their cultural believes and values. Learning about the organization is next and enables a person to understand the organization which he/she is part of. The last is knowledge about other organization. This allows an individual to understand other organizations rather than understanding their own organizations. International management is just about overcoming challenges. Other aspects of international management behavior includes culture, management of global networks, international/global strategy, management of talents globally, selection of international managers, global integrity and global change management.


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An international manager has to look out of the industry or the organization on the global level. This is only applicable to that business organization that is assisting on a worldwide scale. So to check the awareness and proficiency of the person for the concerned designation of an international manager the various types of courses which are assigned to the scholars are:

  • Ideas to Develop Business on Global Scale
  • Knowledge of International Market
  • In-depth Understanding of the Economies of Various Countries
  • Problem-Solving Skills

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