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Why Law profession as a career?

Student who has chosen law as profession is quite interesting and challenging. It has a very lucrative compensation as you discover new heights of cases. It is a dynamic subject and it does not revolve on any set of rule. It has the different approach for each and every time. Every country has different laws and different legal system. Although the assignments of law are quite tough and quite confusing for the students. Here are some branches of law:

Criminal Law 

Criminal law  is a fundamental part of the study of criminology. It is the area in which criminals are being punished by court of law. . It prohibits the conduct such as threatening and endangering to the human lives, safety, health, and moral welfare of the citizen.

Intellectual Property Law 

Intellectual property law is all about legal ground of inventions, designs and art work. It also protects the ownership of individual of property such as building, houses and property. It also protects the intangible assets of the individuals. 
Constitutional LawThe constitutional law is the branch of law which protect us from law imposed by state or any type of government. It does reinforced by supreme court of law.

Business Law 

Business law is the branch of law which deals with the business aspects of an individual. It take care of all the legality ground in the business such as  property, finance, taxation, commercial arbitration, capital markets, insurance, etc.

Family Law 

Family law is a field of Law which governs the issues related to family relationships such  marriage, baby custody, etc. The cases runs in family court and procedure takes place in family court only., 
Contract Law It is a branch of law that is concerned with the breach of contract. The contract law is about deal between two parties and they agree upon the same point of view. Discrepancy occurs when either of any of the party deny for acceptance which is written in contract.

Tax Law 

It is the branch of law which deals with Taxation. It includes property trax, house tax, income tax, consumer tax, sales tax and any other taxes which imposed on buying or selling of commodities.

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Law assignments are quite confusing and need complete detailed study about that particular case. These days everyone is quite vulnerable to different sort of problems and they require a lawyer for handle those problems. It is a profession which is quite rewarding and has many lucrative offers. There are many universities across the globe who hire fresher as lawyer but they should have a good grades in their respective subjects.

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