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The literary journal is a periodical article that publishes literature. It is also called a literature magazine. It may be publishing original articles, short stories, fiction, letters, a biographical profile of authors, interviews, visual and art, poetry and book reviews. They are mostly a story building by an individual which can be either educative or entertaining. For example, poetry has educative values when given to a specific group.


They came to be known first in the seventh century when small adverts could be shared in the newspapers. Later its impact was felt well in the nineteenth century after the rise of various books or magazines which were written by different authors at different times. The oldest journal was written by a French man Pierre Bayle in 1684. This was called "Nouvelles de la Republique dès lettres." Later in the nineteenth century, literary magazines became common. In 1802, the critics of Great Britain such as Francis Jeffrey's and Henry Brougham founded the Edinburgh review. By 1830 many reviews were already founded which includes the spectator and Naum review which were established in 1924. After that period many reviews were started in the U.S., for example, Philadelphia literary magazine (1803-08) and monthly anthology (1808-11).

The first American literary magazine was founded in 1815 which was called North American review, however during Second World War its publication was suspended.  At the end of the century, literary journals were viewed as an essential aspect in the daily life of a human being with the rise of poetry. In the 20th century, a poetry magazine was founded by T.S Eliot who became the first poet of the world after he published his poem "the love song of J Alfred Prufrock" and other magazines.

The other magazines included south west review, newsletters, Sewanee review etc. In 1944 Allen Tate became the editor of Sewanee (which was already founded in 1892). During the 20th century, we have seen a rise of some literary journals after the growth of small press.  This has led to the prelude of a considerable number of journal writers of the 20th century in the review of literary journals which includes poetry as a serious part of human life.

In the mid-1970s, the committee of small magazine editors and presses (COSMEP) was set by an American Hugh fox. He stated this to help and organise the efforts of the small presses. Later in the mid-1970s, another author and founder of dust book publishing assembled and introduced a list of small magazines and the people who edited them. The work of both top and upcoming poets becomes effortless in choosing the work they needed and the ones which were suitable for their work and vitality of independent publishers. Now they became to be valued by a large community of both readers and publishers. These communities include National Endowment for Arts which supported the publishers by distributing support funds to the upcoming and existing group of publishers called the coordinating council of literary magazines.

During this period many precious awards were given to the works published which include pushcart prize and O. Henry awards.


Literary journals provide educative values to the people. When people read an educative item like a poem or a short story they may end up grasping a specific content from it and by doing so adding more knowledge. Their item mostly are used in schools to instil ideas to students during their study and also to keep them informed during their research. Again student's read them at their own to get additional knowledge and remain informed about various occurrences.

Also, they can use this to instil good behaviour to the societal members. In most cases, journals are written in a way that may be seen as a social mirror.  That is the reflection on what is happening in society today concerning the past and future. It views society in all aspects of social life running from political, social and economic development and growth in the community. The people of evil characters are represented by actors with emulating characters to portray almost the same characteristics. While those excellent ones are duplicated by actors with an attractive character, these actors have a significant difference because each of them will be instilling different lesson to readers.

Literary journals may also be used to entertain. In most cases, poems and short stories are used to keep us entertained. Despite that, they give moral lessons, but they also provide more of entertainment. This considerably happens in public works of great poets who did their job not only for their benefits but also for public prestige.

They also act as communal identity and source of unity. Most of the literary journals are public stories about a particular community of people. For example the story of Wakanda and many more.  These stories give the history of how certain communities came to be by looking at the customs and traditions which were followed by the forefathers and practices done today. When readers get the story, they may gather at one place to share their view or clarify to one another what they have understood as the storyline. By doing so, they will have promoted peace among themselves.


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