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Network topology is a design of various combinations of the elements of the computer. It's a topological structure of a simple network. It's divided into two parts- physical topology and logical topology. Physical topology refers to the combination of wires, cables and various peripherals of the computer. Logical topology implies the flow of data in a network.

 In other words a network topology is the geographical bifurcation of various networking devices of a computer. Different computers are connected together via certain links resulting in a topology. Since there are certain studies and their applications and challenges in real IT scenario of a business the experts who takes such kind of assignments must be very much efficient and capable to do it and should also possess high qualifications and degrees to complete them with perfection. is a pioneer assignment solution provider in such field which has more than 500+ IT experts which have specialization in for every typical assignment related to Network Topology. Also there are several considerations which need to be analyzed like cost of topology, the installation criteria and trouble shooting of the same. Also the topology selection depends on other factors like scalability and reliability of the topology.


There are certain kinds of topology as described below:-

1. Bus Topology: - Under bus topology each node of a system is connected to a single bus cable. A signal from the main system source travels in all the directions to the connected machines until it finds the concerned recipient. The terminator which absorbs the signals has a significant role here as the absence of it can cause the network errors.  One of the advantages in such topology is it's easier to connect to subsidiary systems. But since the entire network depends on main cable functioning it gets shut down immediately is there is break in main cable. Also the problem is unable to be identified if the entire network gets failed, thus pointing out some drawbacks in bus topology.

2. Star Topology: - Under star topology each computer node is connected to central switch or hub. Therefore the network or data passes through the switch before continuing to sub systems connected to it as the main switch manages all the functions of a network. It has certain advantages like it is easy to install making it easier to detect the faults. Also there is continuous network without disruption. But has certain disadvantages like it requires more cables as compared to bus topology. And if the main switch the network is disabled. It also proves more expensive then bus topology because of the expensiveness of the central hub or switch.

3. Tree Topology: - It is the mix structure of bus and star topology as it includes a hierarchal structure combining systems through central node. Such topology allows expansion of the existing network. But it has some disadvantages as it requires more expertise than former topologies and also configuring same needs more skills. Also if the backbone line breaks, the entire network vanishes.   But it can be considered for point to point wiring of systems and has several software and hardware.

4. Ring topology: - It's a topology designed in circular fashion to transmit signals in repeated manner i.e. the data travels as a ring in one direction and each system connected act as a repeater keeping the signal as strong as it gets.  The data is sent to the next device in the ring as soon as it is received by one connected device.


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