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The term persuasive is an adjective, and the meaning is to convince somebody. A persuasive essay is where the writer projects his stand or viewpoint in presenting his arguments, thoughts and ideas. The writer tries to satisfy the reader with a particular approach to sway the reader. The essay is filled with convincing techniques and presents a situation which is either for or against by providing an idea to the readers whether it is beneficial or detrimental.


A persuasive essay can begin with a quote or an anecdote, an interesting fact or a query. The introductory part must grab the attention of the reader, and the definition must be clear to make the reader hooked up to the essay. The second part of the essay consists of body paragraphs which are the central concept of the essay that convinces the readers with the thesis. There must be at least three paragraphs that support the arguments of the evidence if not the crux is weak the readers cannot be convinced with the viewpoint of the writer. Therefore the thesis must be strong in expression. The third and the last segment of the essay must express the whole gist of the essay shortly and concisely. This is not the time to write the essay in a wishy-washy or a half-baked manner but must be expressed in a bold way. 

A persuasive essay must be written meticulously. Time must be invested in framing and piling the thoughts to give a systematic form to the essay. The essay must be written in such a manner that the writer must anticipate the arguments of the opponents which project the strength of the writer. It is mandatory to be well prepared before writing the persuasive essay to face the attacks of the critics. The final part of the essay includes the conclusion part where the readers must be in sync with the viewpoint of the writer. The conclusion must reinforce the notions of the readers and must take them to a different world.

A persuasive essay must use transition words and phrasal sentences as they act as cues to the readers as the argument moving forward. The writer must have clear cut idea about his thoughts and thorough research about the concept make the writer give great writing to the reader without any ambiguity.


A persuasive essay makes a child mature as a writer, and it is crucial to give him the opportunity to write in various forms of formats. This type of writing helps the school going children or aspiring writers formulate specific reasons about their thoughts, like, dislikes, notions, attitudes by making them get an opportunity to research the facts about their viewpoints. Persuasive essays are widely used as essay writing concepts in the academic world. The test preparation sphere also has taken up the idea for GRE, GMAT, SAT, PTE, IELTS courses to assess the analytical and writing abilities of the students. Students who aspire to study in abroad must crack the writing test which evaluates their thinking and analytical skills.  Facts that have happened or happening now will be taken into consideration as persuasive topics and will be given to the students to frame the essays. The students get an opportunity to differentiate between a fact and an opinion and ultimately provide the reader with a chance to anticipate, agree, and disagree with the writer's viewpoint. Since the primary schooling age, students are being taught to frame persuasive essays which helps them to improve their grammar and linguistic skills. Almost all the academicians are implementing this concept to hone the writing skills of the students.


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