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Plant biology is a branch of biology which deals with the science of plant. It is also known as botany. The person who studies about this is known as plant scientists, botanist or phytologist. Botany word is an ancient Greek word which means grass. This study not only includes the study of a plant; but it also includes the study of fungi and algae. In this, scientists use a microscope to learn about the plant and algae as some of them are microscopic in nature. This branch of biology also covers the topic of reproduction in plants like how they multiply and give birth to their clones. Botany came from herbalism which is discovered by early humans who study about the plant's properties like whether it is edible or not or the plant has some medicinal properties or not. They study about the plant because they know that some plants are poisonous and may harm them. It is known as one of the oldest branches of science.

Many universities have their botanical garden so that student can learn quickly about them. This tradition was started in 1540 as the technology was increasing in the 19th and 20th century, so the techniques of plant biology were also growing. In this period many techniques were introduced like optical microscopy, live cell imaging, electron microscopy, plant chemistry and structure and function enzymes and proteins. Modern plant biology is a vast field which deals with the function, growth, structure and reproduction of the plant. It also deals with the diseases whether it is plant disease or the disease caused by plants to humans. The main fields of modern plant biology are molecular genetics and epigenetics. In molecular genetics scientists study about the genes of the plant and in epigenetics they study about the change that occurred in the genes of the plant. Plant biology research centres provide chemicals and staple food like timber oil to the horticulture and agriculture for the management of the environment.

Modern plant biology helped a lot in finding new species of plant and gave them the name of the group they belong by their characters. Many new plants were arriving in European countries by the end of the 18th century for the research in the universities and research centres. Modern botanical nomenclature started providing names to the plant by their names, i.e. the first name is the genus of the plant and the second name is species under that genus. Linnaeus's SystemaSexuale divided plants into 24 groups according to their male reproduction system for the identification. After this classification, the study of plants became a bit easy for the student who wants to continue in this field. After this many scientists got to know that this classification is not as per their convenience, so they classified the plants according to their traits.

The study of plants is significant because every animal is dependent on plants. Plants provide oxygen and food to the animals which help them survive on this earth. Plants also offer many other chemicals to the animals for their existence on earth. Plants take sunlight from sun and do the process of photosynthesis to make food for them, and as a by-product, they release oxygen in the atmosphere for animals and take carbon dioxide from them to prepare food.  All organisms are divided into either plant or animals, and botany only covers the topic plants, not animals. Botanists examine both internal and external functions of the plant. All plants go through asexual reproduction because it does not include the formation of the zygote, i.e. the process of fertilization does not occur in plants. The offspring plant gives rise is known as a clone as they are identical to their parents or they are exact copies of their parents. Plants are also known as primary producers as they provide oxygen, food and many more things which are useful for the survival of humans. 

Botanists study about how plants produce food because the whole world depends upon plants for food. This branch of biology also deals with plant chemistry in which scientists study about the chemicals used by plants in many processes whether it is reproduction or production of food. Plant ecology is the examining of plants in relationship with their habitat where they use to live, so the main work of plant ecology is to maintain the relationship of plants with their habitat so that they can give good results. Plants respond to the climate change which affects the production and health of the plants because plants depend on atmosphere. Temperature is increasing day by day because of ozone layer depletion, and sometimes it causes acid rain in many areas and end up affecting the plants.


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