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In an organisations are a number of projects that are to be handled. Depending upon the requirement, there are mainly three kinds of projects that usually run in the industry, these are as stated herewith:-

Live projects: These are the ongoing projects that are running in the real-time in the industry.

Advanced-level projects: In organizations there are some of the major projects that are carried forward for the future. So, the organisation starts taking initiatives a little early so as to make sure the project runs smoothly in the future

Dead projects: Further, there are projects that weren't implemented in the past. However, the management has some plan to start with it in the future; these are called the dead projects.

Now, for the easy management of such projects, the organisations need professionals. Looking over the demand for such professionals, several universities have been offering a study course under the name PM004 Project Performance, which is one of the most popular courses of all the times offered at the leading institutions like Walden University.

PM004 Project Performance is all about the study of the performance of the project by using qualitative and quantitative analysis. This course is exclusively meant for those students who want to come up as a project manager in an organisation in future and handle the projects of the organization in which he has been working.   

But, due to certain reasons, the student finds the assignment writing over this very subject, quite confusing. The most common issues that are faced by the students are as stated herewith-

  • They do not have sufficient time to deal with the assignment solution, due to the part-time jobs, other activities, etc.
  • They do not have the adequate command over the subject
  • They are not having adequate assignment writing skills.
  • They are not having the proper resources to refer the content

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