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A project contains a series of work to be accomplished for a particular reason.  Planning and control both are a part of the project process. Planning and control are a part of the operational activity of a project in which the plan helps to comply the project from begging to end and controlling help in maintaining the speed of working or operational speed of work for the accomplishment of the project.

Project planning and control is a topic for every management student to understand correctly. It requires both pieces of knowledge of science and commerce 

Project cycle: In the life of the project many stages comes from beginning to completion of the project. 

Project initiation: it is the incorporating stage of every project it considers an objective to starts the plan. Introduction requires a possible study of its goals, its timeline and the cost to be incurred.

Project planning: when a project gets an approval to run then the planning process get starts. In the planning phase, the significant areas are the available recourses, the availability of the funds and how to sustainably utilise them both.

Project execution: This is the last stage of the project in which the main phase starts. At the execution stage, the resources are to be allocated, and the workforce is to be needed.

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