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Psychology is the study of Human Behaviour. It is the fastest growing youngest science. Psychology has opened new doors and solved the mystery of mind and human behaviour. It enables the individual to live their lives more meaningfully, and it organises better human behaviour. It is the study of the soul and mind. It is a continuous process. It covers a wide range as it studies individual, group & organisations. Human psychological behaviour is also affected by one's biological and social reasons.

It is a science which studies the mental process, experience and behaviour of an individual in different aspects of context. Every personality is unique in its approach. Every person has a distinct thinking and behaviour process.

MENTAL PROCESS is the consciousness or awareness of an individual to solve a problem, to know or remember something. For example, if an individual wants to solve a problem his brain uses different techniques to solve the problem. His mental process and brain activities are not same but interdependent.  Our mind evolves around our interaction and experiences with outside world and is responsible for the performances of various mental processes. Psychology helps us to study these processes and make us understand the working of the mind. It helps us to improve the uses and multiple domains of mental process.

EXPERIENCE every individual has its own experiences of the situation. He has his way to deal with the situation or experience. Experiences occur in consciousness or awareness. It is influenced by internal and external conditions of the experiencer. For example, a trip to hot weather will not give an excellent experience to the individual. This will provide him with a negative feeling. Thus the experience can be better studied by the proper analysis of the situation of the experiencer.

HUMAN BEHAVIOUR every activity of the individual based on his behaviour. Individual's actions or responses are the reflections of the behaviour. For example one's exam result is coming, and your heart starts beating fast. Behaviour is internal, or you can say covert like if you are about to put salt in a dish for the first time, your handshakes and mind thinks how much amount to be placed that's covert, and if you see a lizard on the floor you shout and run from there that's covert behaviour.

Psychology deals with different fields which are as follows:

  • Psychology as a Discipline

It studies behaviour, experience and mental process. It seeks how the individual's mind works, and it tries to understand how different mental process helps in dealing with different behaviour. Many psychologists define different theories to understand &explain such behaviour. The first psychological laboratory originated in 1879 in Leipzig. It has two parallel streams one deals in physical and biological means and other deals in cultural and social methods in studying the individual's aspect.

  • Psychology as a Natural Science

Psychology emerges from philosophy. Psychologist uses different scientific methods to study the domain of psychology. Psychologist develops different theories of Learning (It is an inferred process and differs from performances which are the observed behaviour, response and action. The main types of learning are classical and operant conditioning, observational learning, cognitive, verbal, concept, and skill learning), Memory (it refers to retaining and recalling information over a while, depends on the quality of cognitive task  you are required to perform . Memory system consists of Sensory, long -term and short term.) , Attention (it is a process through which we select specific information by filtering irrelevant at a given moment of time. Types of attention are Selective, Divided, Sustained, Span of attention, Attention deficit of Hyperactivity Disorder), Perception (The process by which individual recognize, interpret or give meaning to the information provided by his sense organs), Motivation (The performance of an individual depend on his or her ability or desire to perform a given task), and Emotions (it is the feelings of a person. Every person has its way of showing his emotions on situation.) The psychologist has succeeded in establishing theories on them.

  • Psychology as a Social Science

Humans are social animals. They cannot live without each other. Every behaviour is influenced by one's social conditions Ram and Rohan are in the same company, they are very much caring of each other, but their lives are entirely different from each other; one belongs to the middle-class family, and other belongs to low-class family, their way of leading the life is different due to their backgrounds. Many social conditions occur with them in taking decisions of life.

  • Cognitive Psychology

It deals with the mental process involved in perceiving, store, manipulate the information received from external environment. It stands on attention, perception, memory, reasoning, problem-solving, decision making & language.

  • Biological Psychology

It focuses on relationship between behaviour and physical system which comprises the brain and the rest nervous system.

  • Developmental Psychology

It comprises an individual's physical, social and psychological changes that occur throughout his life span from conception to old age.

  • Environmental Psychology

It involves factors such as weather, humidity, pollution, natural disaster on human life. It studies how human behaviour & his mental process affect by such considerations.

  • Health Psychology

It focuses on psychological factors such as stress and anxiety affects one's behaviour. It studies the development, prevention and treatment of illness.

  • Clinical and Counselling Psychology

It deals with different types of psychological disorders and their treatment. Counselling in such disorders helps the individual to get out from that behaviour; it helps the individual to relax.

  • Industrial Psychology

It helps the individual to work better, perform better in their workplace. It is concerned with training, improving work conditions,& developing better criteria for selecting employees.

  • Educational Psychology

It studies how people learn at different ages. Psychologist uses instructional methods & materials to train an individual in their educational & work settings. This mainly helps students in school settings, to design programs that promote the social, intellectual and emotional betterment of children. It also helps children who have special needs.

  • Sports Psychology

It applies principles to improve sports performances by encouraging their motivation.

Researches are going on to improve the application of psychology to understand human mind & behaviour better. Psychologist develops many theories, two of them are discussed below:-

Sigmund Freud is recognised as the FATHER OF PSYCHOLOGY; he states that the human mind involves between CONSCIOUS (which we are aware) and UNCONSCIOUS (which are unaware). He further states that there is a concept of ID (The first stage which includes sexual and aggressive drives). Second is EGO (it involves moral conscious), and Third is SUPER EGO (it is the realistic part between the desires if Id and Super Ego). He also provides five psychosexual stages of life which are as follows,

  • Oral stage(0-1 years)
  • Anal stage(1-3 years)
  • Phallic stage(3-5 years)
  • Latency stage(5-6 to puberty)
  • Genital stage (puberty to adult)

Maslow has given the Motivation theory "The Hierarchy of Needs" every individual should have some motive to perform any action or behaviour. Each human being needs should be satisfied at every level to move one level ahead. If needs are not meet human are not able to move further, and they stick to that level, their behaviour affects too.

It starts from downwards to upward.

Psychology Assignment Help

All these theories and experiments enable the individual to deal and manage different aspects of life throughout his life span in a better way whether it is to deal with personal experience or organisational front.


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