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What is Relational Database?

Relational Database Management is a process to access, manage and optimize a large database stored in a system.  It consists of a group of tables in which every table is given a unique name thereby obtaining the outcomes for data processing. It is called primary database model. The relational database is used in various websites and application on both client and server side for the processing of data. MySQL and Oracle are examples of relational Database management system. This technique of relational database is mostly used now days for solving queries and database management.

Query optimization in Relational database: - Queries play an important role in this database management as we cannot reach to particular result by writing a query as there are certain methods of query optimization.  When we provide any query to the query optimizer it executes that particular query in the most proficient way. For this firstly the query has to be provided as input in database server, after that the parser submits it further to the query optimizer then the query optimization runs as the background of the database engine.

Thus it can be said that a relational Database is a database that specifies the relationship between a data and its relative data.  It also has software for its processing called as relational management system. In this system a two dimensional table of actual data and its relative data is provided as input.  The relational management system is used for reading, writing and processing the information stored in the database.

Assignment help & advantages of using relational database

Easy user interface: - The relational database technique is very easier to use by using the tables which is easily grabbed by optimizer. Also the revision of tables is much easier.

 Independence of data: - there is independence of data achieved in such relational database as it's not a complex database structure. Also this system allows multiple users to access the data with permissions which easily protects the database security.

Flexibility: - Relational database provide full flexibility in form of tables used in the comparison by which results can be frequently generated.

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