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The RELATIONAL model is that model in which the database is maintained in a table which is also known as a relation. Edgar F. Codd proposes it. There are many essential terms in the relational model; these terms are relation, domain, tuple, attributes, degree and cardinality.

The relational model includes the concept of normalisation of the data model, which if you do it correctly gives you minimal redundancy of information, and therefore minimises anomalies.

The relational database covers a real-life scenario in a very real-life way. It is a very systematic way of managing and storing data. We have entities which are real-life objects and then we have relationships between them just as humans have with others.

A relational database is said to be a database that presents all data to its clients as relations as defined in the relational model. It has been the leading paradigm for administrative data-centric applications in the last 40 years and probably will remain so for the coming decades. Being even more straightforward, a relational database keeps everything in tables, with rows. All the rows in the table have the same kinds of data in the columns. You can think of it as a spreadsheet with one tab/page per table.

The database also keeps things consistent when there is more than one thing doing updates at the same time, so account balances don't get messed up, and handling things like power failures, so the last deposit (or debit) doesn't get forgotten.

In the mathematical descriptions, "table" is "relation", "column" is "attribute", and "row" is "tuple".

Relational databases are vital because they created a universal model for storing data in computers that was theoretically sound and eventually became available on pretty much every computer that could want one before that was a wild west of systems with incompatible concepts limited availability.

The table (here, student_phone) contains the relationship because it has both the phone number and student_id, so just from this one table, you know which phone number belongs to which student.

The one to one, one to many relationships is just a name given to the type of relationships that can exist.  In a one to one, you can expect one student will have one phone and vice versa, so the number of rows should be the same (or less if a student can be without a phone number).  In one to many, you expect a student to have multiple phone numbers (one for emergency contact maybe), so you expect to find several of the same student_id (i.e. student_id = 1 have 3 rows in student phone because student 1 has 3 phone numbers).

For Example: If you and your sister both have the same emergency contact (your Mom's number), then you will need two rows in student phone with the same phone number going into different student_ids.  This causes a problem because phone numbers are primary keys or natural keys.  So what you can do is create a student table with a unique student, phone table with unique phone numbers and a student_phone_ref reference table that has student_id, phone number fields to tell you which students have which phone numbers.

  • RELATION: - It is a table arranged in rows and columns. Properties of relation/table are
  • In any given column all item should be of the same type. For example, there are a table having columns Sid (student id), Sname (Student name) and (Marks). All the entries in Sid column will be of same type, i.e. integer value, same with the names and marks having type char and integer respectively.
  • For a row, each column must have an atomic value. All rows are distinct.
  • Column name must be distinct.
  • DOMAIN: - It is a pool of values from which actual values appearing in a given column are drawn. For example, suppose there is a class whose Sid values are from 1 to 10.which means that Sid values lie from 1 to 10. So the domain of Sid is {1, 10}.
  • TUPLE: - Tuple is a row of tables. If a table has 5 rows, it means it has 5 tuples.
  • ATTRIBUTES: - Columns of the table are called the attributes. Suppose there are tables whose columns name are Sid, Sname and marks. So there are a total of three characteristics in this table.
  • DEGREE: - Number of attributes in a relation determine the degree of a relation. The number of characteristics in a relation is the same as the degree of relation.
  • CARDINALITY: - Number of a tuple in a relation is called cardinality of a relation.For example Cardinality of a student, the relation is 3.
  • VIEWS: - It is a virtual table that does not exist, but it is derived from one or more than one underlying base table. There is only the definition of views that are stored in the file.


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