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A wireless communication system is comprised of a transmitter, air which acts as the channel and a receiver.  In a typical wireless digital communication system, the modulator in the transmitter modulates the digital bit stream from the source on a high-frequency carrier. The back end of the transmitter conditions the modulated signal before transmitting it using the antenna. This is done by exploiting the unique property of electromagnetic waves. The transmission of a signal through air results in signal degradation due to natural disturbances, Doppler frequency shift or multipath fading, additive white Gaussian noise, interference from other channels. The front end in the receiver conditions this highly impaired signal and conditions it. The demodulator demodulates the conditioned received signal.

A small proportion of the electromagnetic spectrum like radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves and light waves are used for wireless transmission. Radio waves at lower frequencies can travel through walls and ground up to thousands of kilometres over the earth's surface. The power of low-frequency radio waves decreases sharply as they cover a long distance. Higher frequency radio waves have more power, and they travel through the ionosphere of the earth atmosphere using refraction. Microwaves travels in straight lines and signals over them by beaming these waves towards one particular station in the line of sight.  Infrared waves flow in a straight line and cannot cross the obstacles like walls. So it is scarcely used for short-range communication. Light or optical signalling is achieved by using LASER. The light tends to travel in straight lines, and so the sender and the receiver must be in straight lines.

Since all the radio systems share the same medium of air for transmission, there can be interference from the other radio frequency bands. A separation of time between transmission and receiving should be done in time and frequency domain using time division duplexing (TDD) and frequency division duplexing (FDD) respectively. The shared transmission medium can be made accessible to individual users using several methods of multiple access such as time division multiplexing access (TDMA), frequency division multiplexing access (FDMA), code division multiplexing access (CDMA) and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing access (OFDMA). Proper filtering must also be done to provide channel selection, reduce noise and interference.

Various types of wireless communication mainly include infrared wireless communication, satellite communication, broadcast radio, microwave radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee etc. The former wireless communication technology is the open radio communication such as multichannel radios, ham radio. In an audio broadcasting service, radio broadcasts sound through the air as radio waves. Radio uses a transmitter to transmit the data in the form of radio waves to receiving antennas.  The radio waves have completely different frequency segments, and the audio signal can be obtained by changing the frequency segment. Infrared wireless communication communicates information in the form of non-visible light using a photo LED transmitter and photoreceptor. It is utilised for security control, TV remote control and short-range communications. The satellite communication allows the user to stay connected almost anywhere on the earth. A beam of a modulated microwave is sent to the satellite from the ground segment consisting of fixed or mobile transmittal, reception and ancillary equipment. The satellite magnifies the signal and sent it back to the antenna receiver which is located on the surface of the earth. Microwave communication transmits radio waves whose wavelength is measured in centimetres using either satellite method or terrestrial method. In satellite method, the stations on the earth send and receive the data signal from a satellite with a frequency in the range of 11GHz-14GHz and also with a transmission speed of 1Mbps to 10Mbps. In the terrestrial method, the receiver and transmitter microwave tower in the line of sight is used to transmit radio waves of frequency ranging from 4GHz-6GHz and with a transmission speed of 1Mbps to 10Mbps.

The main disadvantage of a microwave is that they can be affected by bad weather. A Wi-Fi is a low power wireless communication used by various electronic devices like smart phones, laptops with a router. These networks allow users to link only within proximity to a router. Mobile phones, cellular phones, cordless phones make use of wireless signals. Cellular phones have a broader range of networks whereas the cordless phones have a limited range to provide coverage. Some satellite phones make use of signals from satellite to communicate. The Bluetooth wireless technology permits to connect various electronic devices wirelessly to a system for the transferring of data such as hands-free earphones, wireless keyboard.

Different standards of wireless technology can be classified into four individual categories. They are Personal Area Network (PAN), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), and Wide Area Network (WAN).

A PAN is used for communication among computer devices near to one person and is done using network standards such as Infrared and Bluetooth. A WLAN connects two or more computers without utilising wires using IEEE 802.11, HyperLAN2 standards. A MAN refers to broadband internet access from fixed or mobile devices via antennas using measures such as IEEE 802.11, MMDS, LMDS, WiMAX (IEEE 802.16). A WAN covers a broad geographical area using standards such as GSM, GPRS, CDMA, HSDPA and 3G.

Any data or information can be transmitted with a higher speed using wireless networks. Maintenance and installation are of less cost for wireless networks. But it is essential to secure the wireless network to avoid any unauthorised person from capturing the wirelessly transmitted information.

Wireless technologies have a wide range of applications such as internet access, military, telecommunications, and the internet of things, wireless power transmission, radar communications, artificial intelligence, fibre optics, intelligent transport systems, space, and inventory control in business, portable devices in healthcare etc.


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