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The meaning of World literature varies from country to country. Somewhere it is defined by the literacy, i.e. many people that are literal or not. But in some countries, it is calculated through the literary work that is done in this country - the meaning of literature changes when it stops being a national work or becomes an international work. Literature is transfigured when it crosses the border from one country to another. For example, if we talk about the agreements and informational texts, their meanings remain the same when translated into any language because the language used in these types of texts is straightforward, concise and precise. But if we talk about poems, these are difficult to translate because these works lose their worth or their meaning in another language. World literature consists of an extensive collection of works that stem from widely disparate societies, with very different histories, frames of cultural references and poetics. World literature is not an infinite, enigmatical law of works but rather a mode of circulation and reading that is as applicable of individual work as to bodies of material, available for reading established classic and discoveries alike.

World literature is so much relevant because it tells about history not only us but also the others. This teaches us many lessons like war justice love many more. Through literature, we are connected to the past and the possible future. It is realistic about life, invisible with the five senses and visible to the feelings, unbelievable and legendary because it is created and produced by people from their experience.

The literature of the country goes with time. And it has a phase of time in which literature works. Just like in English literature, first, there were Old literature in which letter was used to communicate. This literature has its grammar and spelling. The second phase of English literature was, in which the Bible was translated. The third phase of English literature, in which discoveries were made like a novel, poem and journalism, fourth phase of English literature, was a romantic period in which Love novels, folk tradition, and the tale of knights were introduced. The fifth phase is the present phase in which novels are well flourished and authors get more and more fame by writing stories, poetry. 

World literature is such a significant step in human civilisation because it is transmitting knowledge, events and ideas, socioeconomic and cultural background of the ancient places. Thus it helps surpass the time and social barriers. For example, in a war between Pakistan and India, it is hard to imagine what happened to the solider Maqbool Hussain and the harsh experience that he and his family went through. But when we read his story, we get to know his passion, bravery and aspirations even when his tongue was cut down by the Indian army.

Through poetry we can imagine the time, era and situations, i.e. the poetry of Wordsworth makes you feel his aesthetic delight at the sight of Daffodils and the tranquility of the song sung by a Solitary Reaper. Literature is a storehouse of all wisdom and knowledge. Political Studies, History, Philosophy, Science and all other forms of learning are part of literature.

Many writers amused their readers and shall continue to be by their amazing series and serial - like Game of Thrones, The War, Hercules, Troy etc. are some of the best movies of all time that have entertained several generations. While many of literary and poetry works carry life's lessons, many others make us think. Some jobs are known for the sheer entertainment they provide, while others fascinate. Many works in literature establish a strong connection with their audience through the stories they narrate or the message they carry. Literature thus has a profound impact on the readers' minds and in turn, their lives.

In short, we can say that through literature we come to know those people who are different from us. We discover the thoughts and feelings that have also been experienced by someone else. It is sometimes presented as a statement of demands or as a critique of society. We come to know the types of languages. Its range is so intense that even a lifetime may not be enough to really 'study' literature.

In the past, the Greek writer and Philosopher save their golden literature in written form. Literature is relevant because it is expanding view by building critical thinking skills. Through literature, there is a leap into the past and the appreciation for other cultures and beliefs. The capabilities of writing are getting better, and it connects with our humanity.

World literature is a vast and elusive field, and there is no broad consensus on definitions or approaches. This article has presented ideas and theories, from both early and today's scholars, to attain clarity and to offer the reader with an understanding of the field. It shows that, despite some disunity, scholars' perceptions of world literature are based on similar values and has the same starting point. The essence of world literature is founded on both eternal qualities and contemporary values, where certain works are considered world literature to some readers but not to others. Some works with eternal qualities like, for example, Greek classics, may seem static but are not, as readers 'apprehension and interpretation of them change. By setting Shakespeare, and some of his works, in a relevant context, and drawing parallels to influences and realities, the text shows that different societies can exploit them to serve political or cultural agendas. World literature travels across regions and continents, crossing language and cultural barriers in a truly global spirit. Thus all points to world literature's possibilities to promote global understanding and solidarity among humanity and thus conclude the article.


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